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All these measures are aimed at maintaining the patient's condition for as long as possible and stopping the progress of the disease.

The prognosis of such diseases is generally unfavorable. Neuropsychiatric disorders progress slowly, the duration of sildenafil 100mg varies very widely, but in most cases does not exceed 20 years in 63% of men (for women, the prognosis is more favorable - after the onset of the disease, almost 100% live longer than 20 years).

Exercise therapy and corrective exercises allow patients to be active for the longest possible time, in addition, in this case, the development of cardiomyopathy is prevented.

Patients with ataxia are shown a physiotherapy complex, due to which muscles are strengthened, discoordination is reduced. Exercises should primarily be aimed at training balance and muscle strength.


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In addition, patients can use assistive devices to improve their quality of life - canes, walkers, wheelchairs. In nutrition, it is necessary to reduce the intake of generic viagrs pills to 10 g / kg, so as not to provoke an increase in the energy metabolism defect. It is also necessary to avoid infectious diseases, to prevent injuries and intoxication.

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Despite the accuracy and clarity of the description, it took a long time for the medical world to be convinced of the correctness of Friedreich's views. For decades, scientists have doubted that the hereditary ataxia described by Friedreich is a separate independent disease.

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More often, pathology was attributed to one of the forms of late neurosyphilis (taxes dorsalis) or manifestations of multiple sclerosis.

The long-existing syndrome of sensitive disorders begins to form afferent paresis, first in the lower, and then in the upper limbs. The decrease in reflexes is gradually replaced by their complete absence. In parallel, there is an increasing hypotension of the muscles.

Dynamic ataxia is expressed in the form of large-scale nystagmus, adiadochokinesis, dysmetria, misses when performing coordinating tests, chanted speech, and other cerebellar disorders.

Cerebellar ataxia manifests itself in both static and dynamic varieties. At the onset of the disease, awkwardness in the lower extremities and unsteady gait predominate. Patients stagger, move awkwardly, often stumble. Such manifestations are aggravated without visual control and in the dark.

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The syndrome complex in the disease includes: Cerebral ataxia syndrome; Syndrome of sensitive ataxia; Batianesthesia syndrome (disturbances of deep sensitivity); Syndrome of afferent paresis of the limbs; Pathological foot signs.

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Friedreich's ataxia syndrome consists of neurological (mainly) and extraneural manifestations of the disease. The predominance of sildenafil 100 mg expression in the CNS causes the main syndromes of hereditary Friedreich's ataxia.

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Friedreich's disease predetermines a significantly lower level of messenger RNA of the altered protein in tissues. With gene damage, the posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord, posterior roots, subcortical structures, the cerebellar and cerebral cortex are more affected.

The highest concentration of frataxin is observed in cardiomyocytes, cells of the spinal cord and brain, as well as skeletal muscles.

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Violation of viagra of the functional load of the FRDA gene is the main mechanism for the development of Friedreich's ataxia.

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The number of such copies in a healthy person varies from 7 to 35. In patients with Friedreich's disease, this figure averages 100 repetitions (and can reach 1700 or more).

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Violation of such elimination due to frataxin deficiency provokes free radical cellular damage. Therefore, Friedreich's ataxia is considered as one of the variants of mitochondrial disease with damage to the nuclear gene.